BOSTON by FIA | Ζαμπονομηχανές & Μηχανήματα επεξεργασίας τροφίμων

Since fifty years we work hard for our Customer's satisfaction. This philosophy, made of a constant5 research, of investment in human and technological resources made us the company that we are today. And that's to be a Company, always looking to the future, in which every professional Company or Businessman can see a model and a reference point.

The almost complete selfsufficiency in the realisation of slicers is a firm characteristic qualifing and distinctive. Avoing, almost fully, the external subsuppling of pieces needed for the assembly (except motors and blades, for which there is however an agreement with some of the better german productors) BOSTON by FIA can have the full controll on all the componentry obtaining products accurate in every particular.
To allow the reaching of high levels typical of the range BOSTON by FIA is also the perfect coordination between the different projectation and production department: articulating as best as we can competences, optimating the creativity and artistic value of everyone, we arrive to create that synergy that take to the

The valuation found on markets of very different countries and continents, is a direct proof of the validity that our production of slicers is able to express. Mostly in Europe and the USA (that is in areas of the world where is determinant to be able to guarantee the maximum level of
performance and services), our firm knows a lasting achievement. Reasons are many, but essentialy reducible at two: quality and service. Near the customer in every situation: this is a priciple we adopted and we respect with the maximum care, because who choose a BOSTON by FIA slicer knows that he can rely also on BOSTON by FIA services. Our assistance after sale is assured from a network of quality technicians, able to resolve with rapidity every kind of specific problem.

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