Denox | Famesa | Τάπερ

FAMESA (Denox) is a manufacturer of its own products, and our installations are located in Cadrete (Zaragoza), which is an advantage, since Zaragoza is an important Spanish logistic centre.

Our Enterprise is one of the leaders in the sector of houseware and containers, both in Spain and Portugal, being our main brand Denox.

We offer a huge selection of products, with more than 250 references, divided in 5 families: Kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, organisers and containers. Star products: Ecologic pedal bins (specifically designed to separate waste), Selective containers of 60, 80 and 120 L (perfectly indicated either for inner purpose or for gardening).

Brand new products: ecologic modular system (Ecosystem), which makes recycling even easier, and the 8 L. oval pedal bin, which maintains the robustness and reliability of our products with a modern and unique design..