Nirey | Τροχιστικά Μηχανήματα

Nirey is the professional manufacturer and well established exporter of knife sharpeners and kitchen knives in Taiwan.

Being a professional manufacturer of cutlery since 1975, we're knowledgeable about how to design knives and keep them sharp. Whether you are a professional or domestic user, you always have a problem- how to keep your knives sharp. Therefore, we developed and manufactured our first knife sharpener "SR-868A" in 1990, and spearheaded a new technology of electric knife sharpening. From that time on, all problems on knife sharpening can be solved thoroughly by using our unique knife sharpeners.

After 10 years of experience in manufacturing electric knife sharpeners, we realized the importance and demand for sharp knives and how they affect people's daily lives. We researched quality materials for designing excellent knives which can stay razor sharp much longer. We chose triplex stainless steel as our material where we sandwiched Rockwell 62° between 2 softer outer layers of steel to produce the ultimate cutting edge. This produced the optimal combination between design and material for aesthetic appearance. That was the birth of I.O.SHEN triplex layer knives in 1998.

The aim of Nirey is to design quality products to help people enjoy the sharpness of their knives while cooking and using efficient kitchenware in their daily lives. We also care about your safety and are committed to achieve all safety standards for our products. We have different patents in different countries.

We are now looking for worldwide agents/distributors. If you have interest in distributing our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to having good partnership with you in the near future.